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So here I am, promoting lxg_stillness! It's been through a bit of a rough time, and I'd like to see things pick up, with your help ~_^ We all love icons, so why not lend us a hand; take a look at the community, and give it a go.

The challenge community has changed hands twice now. It started with likesthesilence, passed on to ladynorbert, and now, after the poor submission record for the last challenge, I've offered to take it on myself.

I won't be changing much, other than I'm going to opt for making weekly challenges, not fortnightly; that way, I'll remember the schedule, and I won't get my dates muddled (which I would, even with the help of the user info XD).

Look for the challenge issue on Monday 15th May.

Thanks. Here's hoping we can give that community a boost!

NOTE: If the moderator doesn't like me advertising, feel free to delete away XD
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